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About us

About Xcel Rail – the railway services company

The role of Xcel Rail is to help organisations to optimise cost and value through railway related recruitment and workers in railway projects. Our background is in the railway industry. We are railway experts supplying other professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience you need for successful outcomes. Our philosophy is that it’s not just the right skills, but it’s the right values that contribute to getting better outcomes on any railway-related project. Both long term and short-term temporary recruitment services for railway projects are offered. The staff you hire through us have typically either been on previous projects where we have had a chance to ‘vet’ them ourselves, or they have been sourced through our network and personal referrals. Each one has the honesty, loyalty, integrity, and devotion that means things are right the first time.

Project management for railway projects

If you want somebody to manage your railway project for you to ensure it delivers against the agreed standards and outcomes, we can do that too.
Starting with getting to know a project, our focus is on what skills are required to achieve outcomes. Our staff are supplied with not only the right abilities and knowledge, but also the right attitudes. Over time, our clients have found that their project outcomes are much improved with this approach.
Considered trusted partners and suppliers to several businesses in the railway industry, we know that you will notice the difference in what you get compared to other suppliers.
Both the people we supply and the customer service that we give to you, support you every step of the way. The people we source not only know their profession and how to solve related challenges, but they have integrity and reliability in addition to having anemphasis on safety.
Being safe and professional is one of our top priorities. We meet the standards required by Transport for London and Network Rail when it comes to health and safety and technical standards and specifications for rail infrastructure projects.

Our promise

Our dedication, our enthusiasm for looking after our customers and our drive to find the best solution to suit their needs. And over the years, those requirements have resulted in many successful projects.

Our employees

Xcel Rail Services provides a workforce of professional management staff, safety critical, tradesman and operatives with full experience, specialist skills and a proven track record of performance. Quality and safety are paramount.

Our approach

Our focus has always been on safety and hard work, and our crew approaches every job with a can-do and positive attitude no matter the task at hand. We work around the clock and are always happy to accommodate our clients.

For more information or a quote on your next project, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always more than happy to quote or discuss how we can tailor an option to perfectly match your needs.
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